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we provide a unique opportunity for likeminded people to come together in one place. please give us a call or use the form and we will get back to you

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office opportunities

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Window Office
starting at $300

skylight and/or natural light

Low Light
staring at $300

low light for massage, facials, etc ..

$500+ options/days

open and spacious with a great view, lots of natural light

Flex Options
per diem rates, flex-office

*ask us about how this works, we are trying to help people just getting started, or who only want 1/2 days per week

Who We Are

About Us

a few local families who wanted to see this location thrive and bring local people together

The building at 79Montclair was built in 1872. There is a long history which we will be blogging about in the future. Our desire is to make this location a hub for local entrepreneurs and wellness-minded folks – so that everyone can benefit from the synergies. More to come about our story .. AND an updated picture of us!

Let's do community together

reach out with any questions, we look forward to getting to know you and what your needs may be, have a wonderful rest of the day